Paper File Conversion

Paper-based processes drive up costs, reduce productivity, and hamper timely access to current and complete information. Our services allow companies to leverage all of the benefits inherent to employing imaging technology, while minimizing the risk and burden associated with implementing an in-house imaging solution. 

Document conversions are normally large projects, which involve many diverse aspects of imaging technology and knowledge. Document preparation, scanning, proper indexing, quality control and assurance as well as image formatting are just some of the steps that require planning and oversight. These activities require experienced project management. This is what we do and we are very good at it. Let us be responsible for the success of your imaging project.

Our business document scanning process includes:

  • Document delivery – Arrange for pickup at the customer site for delivery to our location.
  • Document preparation – Remove staples, paper clips, reposition “Sticky” notes to ensure no data is obstructed.
  • Configure capture software – We specifically configure the capture (scanning) software to meet each customer’s needs. This includes resolution, index fields, output format, OCR (if required) as well as index table lookups if provided by the customer.
  • Scan Documents – Load paper documents into our high-speed scanners.
  • Initial QC – Scanner operator will visually inspect each image as it is created by the scanner. Immediate rescans can be performed at this point if required.
  • Indexing – When possible, index values will be applied to the image as it is being scanned. When this is not possible, a staff member will index the image file manually post-scan.
  • Secondary QC – Once an image has been scanned and indexed, a staff member reviews each image for clarity and overall quality. If an image is substandard, that image will be rescanned and checked for quality again.
  • Delivery – Images are delivered to the customer on DVD, USB or through their customer portal on our hosted document management solution.
  • Destruction (optional) - In accordance with your normal and ordinary course of business, we provide document destruction once imaging has been completed by us and approved by you.

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