a stack of paper files on a desk ready to be scanned

Offsite Document Scanning

We scan paper... lots and lots of paper. Whether you are looking to free up some space in your office or storage facility, need to ensure you have a backup of the information contained in your paper files or finally realize that the data you have captured and put in a cabinet would be more useful if you had easy access to it, we can help.  

rolls of blueprints for wide format scanning

Wide Format Scanning

  Ok, so you have really big paper? We can scan that for you too. Engineer Drawings, Blue Prints, Mylar, Subdivision Plans... no problem. Actually these are a bit more exciting than regular office documents. We'll give you a great deal on these.  

a lady standing in front of a scanner loading paper

Scan Solution Rentals

 Maybe you actually want to scan your own office documents. We can supply you with a top notch scanning solution. Laptop, Scanner and Scanning Software. No need to invest in the equipment for a short term project. We will even help you configure everything to suit your needs.  

Hey, make sure to subscribe below. We will scan a banker box for free.

Our Process at a Glance


a man facing a white board with arrows indicating chaos an planning

We will help you determine the scope of your document scanning project. This is typically the point where you will decide if this is something you want to tackle in house or have the job out sourced. 


a stack of paper folders and files on a desk

Before a page ever hits the scanner, several things need to happen to make sure scanning is completed as efficiently as possible. This is the most time consuming and labour intensive part of the scan project.


a lady loading paper into a document scanner

Now that all the preparation is underway, we can start scanning. Based on the complexity and size of your project, we have several scanners and scanning software options available to get the job done properly.


a keyboard and hands entering index data

Ideally, we will leverage the scanner and software capabilities to automatically extract the lion's share of the index values directly from the files being scanned. In some circumstances, manual indexing will be required.

Quality Control

a man's hands pointing to a checkbox that says excellent

Throughout the entire process, from Preparation to Indexing, the quality of each scanned page is being assessed. In the QC specific step of the project, each scanned file is reviewed for scan quality and index accuracy. This is preformed by a someone other than the person that scanned the file. 


a digital representation of a file folder

Once a file has been scanned and the quality has been reviewed and we are satisfied that it is something we are proud of, we will release the image from the scanning software to a removable USB device, properly named and indexed, ready for delivery to you.


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