Quality Control

Something to be proud of

A scanning project is only successful if it is done properly. Your scanned images need to be accurate reproductions of the original document. We take pride in delivering scanned images that accurately represent the original pages.

If the image quality is not 100%, if the Index data is not 100%, the job is not complete.

Image quality

Our Quality Control team will review each image created to ensure it is legible, at the correct resolution and in the right colour format.

If any of these points are not 100% as expected, the image will be re-scanned.

Index quality

The index values we apply to each file will be used in the naming or DMS loading once we return the images to our customer. If these values are not accurate, locating the electronic image of a file will be difficult.

Each indexed imaged file will be reviewed to verify it exactly conforms to your expectations.

If there are any incorrect index values, they will be corrected at this point.