Wide Format Scanning

Big Paper, Same Process

If you need to create electronic images of your Blueprints, Engineer Drawings, Subdivision Plans or Profile documents, we can scan pages up to 44" wide.

Wide Format scan projects are treated exactly like office document projects (except we use bigger scanners). We follow the same Scope, Preparation, Scanning, Indexing, Quality Control and Output procedures to make sure your large documents become tiny electronic reproductions. 


We can provide you with wide format scanning costs right here. Although you will need to do the math yourself.

All new wide format scanning projects start with an initial set up fee of $35 CAD.

Pages 1-100 @ $5.00/page

Pages 101-500 @ $4.50/page

Pages 501-1 billion @ $4.00/page

Or just contact us and maybe we can set you up with a sweet deal.