Why index?

Indexing scanned batches or files is vital in ensuring that the images created during the scan process are properly named and if applicable, Document Management Solution load files are properly created. 

A good index method will allow for easy retrieval of files once that are back in your environment.

Perfect world scenario

Whenever possible, we will create cover sheets that contain all the index values required for each file.

The scanning software will read that information (typically from a QR code) and apply the proper data to the file.

This allows for almost 100% accurate separation and indexing.

Real world scenario

Most of the time the cover sheets we create contain only a separation value. Something we use to indicate a new file has begun.

We use this type of cover sheet in cases where the customer cannot provide a data table we can use to retrieve associated metadata.

Once the files have been scanned and separated, our index staff will either manually enter or use zonal OCR technology index values and associate them to the scanned image.