Off Site Document Scanning

Why Out Source

Typically, a scanning has to be completed on time, on budget and with existing staff. There is a definite learning curve and high upfront costs associated with these projects.

Once a scanning process has been completed, you may end up with tens of thousands of dollars invested in hardware and software you may never use again.

Document scanning is tedious and requires a concerted effort of those involved. If staff is expected to do the scanning "when they have a chance" between their regular duties, the project will never be completed.

What We Do

At MCDC, all we do is scan paper files into electronic images. Our sole focus is producing accurate reproductions of our customer's paper files.

We work with our customers from the scoping phase to the point the electronic images are back in their hands. 

Many of our customers have us scan their files on a monthly basis.

We take great pride in delivering 100% results and making your life easier.



You're probably looking for at least an estimate of how much your document scanning project will cost. 

Unfortunately, without knowing some very specific details, it is impossible to even venture a guess.

However, we can quickly get you a ballpark figure based on a simple form Here 

Please keep in mind we won't be able to provide an exact quote without completing a more detailed Scoping form with you.